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Clinical data, real-world studies, 
and health economic analyses of Apligraf®.

Apligraf is backed by extensive, reliable, and unmatched clinical and real-world evidence in both VLUs and DFUs.1-7

Clinical trials

Only Apligraf has conducted randomized controlled trials (RCTs) resulting in FDA approval for the healing of VLUs and DFUs.1,5,7

Clinical trials

Real-world evidence

Examine real-world observational studies that prove Apligraf closes more VLUs and DFUs faster.

Real-world evidence

Health economic analyses

See how Apligraf has been shown to reduce VLU and DFU burden on patients and healthcare costs.

Health economic studies

Support for you and your practice

See how Organogenesis' Circle of Care can help with reimbursement support and more, or contact an Organogenesis Tissue Regeneration Specialist about how Apligraf can help your patients.

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Please refer to the Apligraf Package Insert for complete prescribing information.


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