New Video: See How Apligraf® Transforms Chronic Wounds

Why choose Apligraf®.

Apligraf is a skin substitute bioengineered with living cells1-4 that helps transform wounds from chronic to acute and heal VLUs and DFUs faster.5-11

Apligraf overview

Examine how Apligraf can help heal stalled wounds by looking, functioning, and responding like healthy skin.1-4

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Apligraf product details

See how to apply Apligraf and download a factsheet with additional information.

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Proven results in clinical trials and real-world settings

Examine the clinical and real-world evidence for Apligraf, or contact an Organogenesis Tissue Regeneration Specialist today to get more information about how Apligraf can help your VLU and DFU patients.

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Please refer to the Apligraf Package Insert for complete prescribing information.


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